F12’s pipeline has grown to eight times its previous size (with 20% of the sales headcount) and with an increase in pipeline quality.

Legion Logistics

Legion Logistics’ growth had stalled at about $27m in annual revenues. It took just three short months to fix that problem.

Height Dynamics

Height Dynamics knew they had to grow their business. Today, post Sales Process Engineering with Ballistix, his retail location is twice the size it was before we started but it’s already in danger of being transformed into a logistics center. (24,000 stock movements a month is a lot for a small retail location!)

Censa Industrial

Industrial Supplies company, Censa Industrial, outlines how they implemented SPE to grow sales 26% in the first 10 months—and how it’s still growing!

Response Mine Health

For years I have struggled to create a predictable new business system for our company. We’ve tried trade shows, cold calling and content marketing at scale. Any successes with these were rarely repeatable and never scaled above ‘relationships’. Then I read The Machine. This application of Theory of Constraints to business-to-business sales, and having Justin Roff-Marsh come consult with my team, have been eye opening. From starting his program in February, in less than ninety days, we have 14 requests for meetings from prospects and our first proposal is going out this week.
Ken Robbins
CEO | Response Mine Health

Team Quality Services

TQS team explained how they moved their sales team inside and grew monthly bookings by 24% in 12 months!

Goldratt Consulting UK

Andy Watts talks about how Ballistix helped to boost his UK Consulting firm business by 50% in four months, then another 30% by month eight.


This interview is another example of an organization that’s generated significant growth (doubled sales in less than three years!) with Sales Process Engineering.

Levitt Safety

Bruce Levitt and Fraser Gibson share insights into their four-year journey (thus far) with SPE and talk about the challenges and the triumphs.


The highlight of this results video is hearing Phil (who’s not prone to hyperbole) say “wildly significant” three times, when referencing both Orbitform’s revenue growth and the resulting increase in profitability!

AR Cash Flow

Kirk Nelson outlines the impact Sales Process Engineering has had on sales. In 12 months, ARCA delivered ten-times the numbers of units per month than the previous year – with a reduced sales team just two-fifths the original size.


Before working with Ballistix, TEBA had a small number of salespeople performing, collectively, very few sales calls.

TEBA implemented the Ballistix approach to sales process with centralized scheduling and a coordinated approach to lead generation and business development. A key change was to give the primary responsibility back to the CEO who performed a number of high-value sales appointments each week originated and managed by a dedicated sales coordinator.

TEBA now uses events and direct mail to generate a decent volume of sales appointments and in spite of the fact that new system requires him to make sales calls, he has more spare capacity than he has ever had.