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With the author & thought-leader in Sales Process Engineering, Justin Roff-Marsh

If you’ve read even just the first few chapters of The Machine, then you know the book paints a seductive picture of a reengineered sales process.


More selling conversations

Up to 11 times more selling conversation for each of your salespeople compared to what your competitor’s salespeople are doing


Team-based approach to sales

This impacts massively on customer service quality and the buyer experience


Streamlined sales operations

Cover more geography with less sales resources and close more deals in less time

In short, a sales process that delivers more sales, more visibility and less total cost!

The challenge is that the end-state that Justin describes is a long way from the current-state, for most organizations. So far away, in fact, that many executives doubt it’s even possible to make the transition.

Haven’t read The Machine?

The Ballistix Solution Design Workshop

A Ballistix Solution Design Workshop is a two-day intensive workshop facilitated by Justin Roff-Marsh and attended by members of your senior executive team.

The objective of the workshop is to devise a sales-driven growth plan for your organization based on the principles of Sales Process Engineering outlined in Justin’s book, The Machine.



Managed SPE Service Engagements and standalone Solution Design Workshops delivered since 2011


Countries across 5 continents have embraced SPE into their organizations


Business Owners and Executives have attended a Prescription for Growth Workshop


Copies of The Machine have been read by Executives everywhere (with that number growing daily)

More Sales. More Visibility. Less Cost.

Our Managed SPE service is designed to fast-track your transition to the sales-driven growth plan devised in the Solution Design Workshop faster.

Managed SPE combines sound strategy, an experienced facilitator and a pit crew of experienced Sales Process Engineering (SPE) implementors, to help your business get into the SPE Fastlane and stay there.

Our service involves designing, building and supervising the entire sales support function, which includes promotions, inside sales, customer service and field-sales support.


We build highly effective sales teams and make sure they perform significantly more selling conversations than what your competitor’s salespeople do

We build a best-in-class customer service team (typically in as little as 90 days)

We integrate design engineering with sales for better conceptual designs and dramatically faster quote turnaround times

We create attention grabbing promotional campaigns for your sales team as well as all the associated collateral needed to sell

We give you all the tech you need to power your marketing, sales and customer service teams (or help to get the most productivity out of your existing applications)

We continuously improve your sales, customer service and marketing processes

SPE Experiences

We’ve been applying SPE to hundreds of companies in scores of industries for more than 25 years. The principles that underpin SPE are proven and shown to work time and time again.

Watch video

In the two years it took to centralize sales and customer service, this Central American distributor of packaging machines grew sales at a compound rate of 18%

Roberto Coto | Emasal

Watch video

F12’s pipeline has grown to eight times its previous size with 20% of the sales headcount and an increase in pipeline quality

Devon Gillard |

Watch video

Legion Logistics’ growth had stalled at about $27m in annual revenues. It took just three short months to fix that problem.

Lacy Starling | Legion Logistics

Watch video

Height Dynamics knew they had to grow their business. Today, post Sales Process Engineering with Ballistix, his retail location is twice the size it was before we started but it’s already in danger of being transformed into a logistics center. (24,000 stock movements a month is a lot for a small retail location!)

Guy Pearce | Height Dynamics

Watch video

Industrial Supplies company, Censa Industrial, outlines how they implemented SPE to grow sales 26% in the first 10 months—and how it’s still growing!

Felipe Ruanova | Censa Industrial

Watch video

TQS team explained how they moved their sales team inside and grew monthly bookings by 24% in 12 months!

Christ Straw, Aaron Dykhuizen | Team Quality Services

Get on the fast track to more sales with Managed SPE

Managed SPE enables you to start implementing sales process engineering (SPE) immediately and accelerate the growth of your business with minimal delay.

It all starts with a Solution Design Workshop facilitated by Justin Roff-Marsh where he will work with you and your management team to build a plan to reengineer your sales process, multiply your revenues, and accelerate the growth of your business.


Request Solution Design Workshop Overview

Justin regularly runs Solution Design Workshops in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. His calendar tends to be heavily booked so it’s wise to plan in advance.

If you complete the form below, we will send you a detailed overview of the Solution Design Workshop, including pricing options. Justin will almost certainly want to speak with you before committing to run a workshop (primarily to confirm there is potential for him to deliver significant value).

This offer for The Machine is only available to organizations with 20 or more employees in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

More Growth. More Sales.