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We are always on the lookout for new SPE Consultants and other talented individuals. Together as a team, we will achieve great things!

SPE Consultant

If you’re as sharp as a tack. If you’re good with people, processes and technology. And if you don’t mind getting into the thick of things (and the odd bit of travel), then here’s your chance to convert your smarts and drive into a career in change management consulting.

We are looking for somebody who’s had to manage projects/clients (think: Account Supervisor, Business Analyst, Systems Trainer or Consultant), knows basic sales & marketing concepts, and is able to roll up their sleeves to get these programs moving.

Probably one of the more unique aspects of the role is the need to work with folks of all levels within an organisation, from the CEO down to a department administrative assistant. That’s why if you haven’t successfully interacted with all levels of an organisation, this role is probably not for you.

What you need to bring to the table

For starters, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree. At least three years general business, marketing, and/or change or special projects management experience is good. Sales supervision experience is great. Management & CRM experience, better still.

You MUST be comfortable with technology. It is critical that you’ve worked with a CRM or some kind of enterprise database. (Oh, and you’ll be proficient with Excel and other MS Office applications.)

You must be comfortable in the boardroom, discussing ideas and implementation plans. And you must love to travel. When you’re not travelling you will work from the Ballistix office or from home.

What you’ll get in return

In addition to a good salary, Ballistix offers its consultants a phone allowance, laptop allowance (which is cool since your PC is yours), a T & L allowance, and your frequent flyer miles and hotel points are yours to keep (we cover all flights, transport and hotel costs). Ballistix believes in the good life, meaning you would rarely (if ever) need to stay at a client site over a weekend or pull an “all-nighter” (unless, of course, you were slacking off and needed to get something done! But hey, that’s your fault.

Plus we’re a really nice team of people easy to get along with.

If you are interested, read the rest of this page and then upload your resume.

How we work

Our team is treated like responsible adults. Want to work from home when not onsite with a client … sure we trust you. Have a great idea for the company or client — pitch it we’re all ears.

We hold Ballistix employees accountable for outcomes — meaning that by and large you can plan your own schedule. We only hire smart and honest people so we know they’ll do smart and honest things.

But autonomy doesn’t mean you’re not supported. We have a team of experts gathered from all over the world to help each other — from consultants, CRM and I.T. experts to designers, writers and programmers.

This gives our team members the best of both worlds. The flexibility to plan and prioritize in ways that best benefit them and their clients but with the support structure needed for perfect execution.


We believe a company’s values come from its people.

Get the right people with the right values and traits and the company culture will take care of itself!

  • Resourceful
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident
  • Detail Orientated
  • Energetic
  • Responsible

Why join us


We treat our employees with respect and trust they will always do the right thing.

We’re loyal

Ballistix employees typically stay with the company for a very long time (so we must be doing something right!).


The chance to travel nationally and internationally.

Show your smarts

You get to use your street smarts and work with lots of interesting and equally smart people.


You get to hang out with the world leaders in Sales Process Engineering.

Best of both worlds

You get to work autonomously yet still be part of a team.


The work is fun, challenging and personally rewarding.

We’re valued

Our clients value us. We’re often considered part of the management team.

It counts

What we do counts. Who doesn’t want more sales at a lower total cost and with less hassle!


Each day is different and we understand that the person who understands your schedule best is you.

No politics

We don’t tolerate politics and everyone from the top down is highly approachable.


We’re all for personal and career development.

All welcome

We embrace people and cultures from all over the world.


We’re constantly evolving and not scared to try new things.


We have ambitious plans for growth.

Expression of interest

If you think you’d be a great addition to our team, send us your resume and we will be in-touch.

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Justin regularly runs Solution Design Workshops in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. His calendar tends to be heavily booked so it’s wise to plan in advance.

If you complete the form below, we will send you a detailed overview of the Solution Design Workshop, including pricing options. Justin will almost certainly want to speak with you before committing to run a workshop (primarily to confirm there is potential for him to deliver significant value).

This offer for The Machine is only available to organizations with 20 or more employees in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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