Equinox Partners is a small executive recruitment business looking to transition from our small and specialized market base to a more broad-based volume business model. Key to the strategy is to move from being account management focused to becoming a sales driven business.

We engaged Ballistix initially to conduct a feasibility study from which we hoped to get an idea as to hope we might be able to improve the products that we were offering the market as well as the way we went about selling the product. Justin Roff-Marsh met with us for two days, and by listening to our ideas and thoughts as well as providing his own insight and experience, was able to devise a pathway forward for Equinox.

Together we engineered a Sales and Delivery process that was to be used to underpin our business. As well as the process, we put together strategies to increase our chances of getting new business and more importantly keeping it.

At that point we had the clear choice to go it alone or alternatively hire Ballistix to build on what we had devised and implement the project. For a small business like Equinox, to implement this type of project involves a significant leap of faith as the costs are not insignificant. We decided that the Ballistix expertise was too valuable to miss out on and took steps to engage them on our implementation.

This is a decision for which we have no regrets.


  • New sales visits

    100 new prospective customers visits within the first 3 months (less than 10 new prospects visited in the previous 12 months).

  • Sales Conversions

    10% using our service with another 20% making some level of commitment to trial in the future.