Cj Gomez

Web Programmer

Cj Gomez is a front-end fanatic always looking out for new trends in the web development world. Bridging design and development, he tries to adopt to new things while considering the old things and making sure that everything sits well in harmony.

Cj holds a degree in Information Technology and has spent some time doing freelancing work before joining Ballistix Creative Team.

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Justin regularly runs Solution Design Workshops in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. His calendar tends to be heavily booked so it’s wise to plan in advance.

If you complete the form below, we will send you a detailed overview of the Solution Design Workshop, including pricing options. Justin will almost certainly want to speak with you before committing to run a workshop (primarily to confirm there is potential for him to deliver significant value).

This offer for The Machine is only available to organizations with 20 or more employees in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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