Intégro is a leadership development consultancy that helps transform organisational cultures
through the development of trustbased leadership. The business has two primary divisions: we distribute Inscape Publishing Inc. Behavioural profiles throughout Australia and New Zealand – the best known being the DiSC range of profiles; we are also a global leadership development consulting company.


Intégro has been in business for over 30 years and during this time has established a
strong client base for our profiles, and a reputation as being “the DiSC people”. In recent years our emphasis has been largely on product development within niche areas of leadership development, which has generated significant interest in our process–based methodology. We recognised that in order to accelerate the growth of the business we would require a formal sales process, with particular emphasis on opportunity management. We are a relationship–focussed business, and all of our current team were also responsible for facilitation and consulting in addition to the sales function. Struggling to follow up post–marketing activity due to the consultants’ hectic schedules, it became evident that we required a dedicated sales team to grow the business and pursue the opportunities.


Following our initial contact with Ballistix, our team agreed that the feasibility study
was an essential starting point to review our current sales process. A few of the key findings from this study highlighted the fact that our business model could incorporate a dedicated sales person without affecting our ability to deliver the consistency of relationship between the sales function and delivery. The other significant decision was that we needed to change our approach to marketing. In previous years our marketing was sporadic and ultimately challenging to effectively follow up leads. So incorporating a more process–based, fluid marketing approach was not only preferable to implement, but effective as well.


One of the key recommendations we have is maintaining a clear understanding of your goals for the project and communicating that with Ballistix. This worked well for us, as we had been operating with a somewhat informal approach to sales management. This meant that introducing a sales “process” was new territory for the team and it took some time to gain the clarity needed regarding the benefits of being process–driven in our sales cycle. Through continuing to use open communication, and through the sales meetings, we’ve been able to find a steady rhythm that works well for our business. This includes following the Ballistix process and maintaining one of our core operating values, which requires flexibility in approach to task.


The addition of the sales team and the installation of the MIS have really shown us the greatest benefit. The MIS is practical and functional, as it helps us to see exactly where we are at with our opportunities. From a business management perspective, this has been one of the most valuable assets. The dedicated sales team is also working well for us by gaining us more access into our current client base. We have a number of people who purchase product from us and now that we have a team focussed solely on sales, we’re opening up a number of new doors with our existing client base.

As we are only a few months from the end of the official project with Ballistix, we have not seen a significant increase in the number of sales quite yet, not withstanding economic and cyclic influences. We are confident that the increase in appointments (up about 10 per week) and new business opportunities that we are uncovering, will continue to see us gain the growth that we are seeking. We also expect to expand this sales process model into our international organisations.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Marketing Director