ecoBright Energy Solutions

After the lunch with Justin, I walked away thinking “you know what…that guy’s onto something!” we re-examined our priorities and started to take steps towards freeing our sales people to do what they do best, sell…and got instant results!

Our business became busier because our salesperson was seeing more people! We were doing more proposals and finally, the company was managing the relationship with the customer – not the salesperson.

Orders are now increasing and we have a focus – each day each of us understands what we’re doing and there’s no time wasted talking through process over and over again. We now get proposals out in a day not a week and we control margins and effort not the salesperson. We are tackling more complex tasks that they never would have gotten to before and it’s paying off in stock movement.

Thanks Justin for your insights and I will keep in touch!

Yours sincerely,


General Manager – Asia-Pacific
ecoBright® energy solutions Limited