How do you drive organizational growth?

We drive growth by ensuring that our clients’ salespeople have significantly more selling conversations than their competitors’ salespeople do. In practice, this means restructuring organizations so that any activity that isn’t a selling conversation is removed from salespeople and allocated elsewhere.

We also tend to move most selling conversations inside—where salespeople are significantly more productive. Turns out that customers want to communicate online and by phone to the maximum possible extent. Even where major deals are concerned, video conferences are almost always a better alternative than face-to-face visits. (Of course, a critical few activities do still need to occur in the field: and that’s fine.)

Our approach works.

We have example after example of (mostly industrial) organizations that have transitioned from no growth to >20% year-on-year growth rates. And we have several well-documented examples of organizations that have doubled revenues within a two-to-three-year period.

What proof do you have that SPE works?

We’ve been applying SPE to scores of companies in as many industries for more than 20 years. The principles that underpin SPE are proven and shown to work time and time again.

Please check out our results section or vist our blog to learn more.

What results can I expect?

Typically, the implementation of Sales Process Engineering (SPE) results in the following benefits:

  • A significant reduction in the size of the sales team (with a shift in focus towards inside sales)
  • The conversion of most existing (technical) salespeople into project leaders (responsible for managing the interface between sales and fulfillment)
  • A ten-times increase in the number of business-development appointments performed by the remaining salespeople
  • A dramatic improvement in customer service (>90% Ontime Case Completion)
  • A reduction in sales cycle-time
  • A reduction (or elimination) in the need for regional offices
  • A leaner management structure
  • Minimal capital expenditure
  • Minimal increase in operating expenses
  • What sales tech comes with Managed SPE?

    Our Managed SPE service gives you immediate and ongoing access to our Sales Technology Stack. This stack is a suite of three intelligently designed applications designed to maximize the effectiveness of Sales Process Engineering within your organization. You will get access to marketing automation to better manage your online promotional activities. Our V-Tiger CRM to manage sales and customer service and our Nsyteful Dashboard to provide team members with real-time, visual feedback on the value they are generating. We are happy to work with your own applications if you already have them.

    What is Managed SPE Fast Track?

    Managed SPE Fast Track is designed to fast-track your transition to a new, more productive sales function.
    The demand for Justin’s time to run a Solution Design Workshop is high and his capacity limited. This means it can be months between booking the workshop and the outcomes document. Managed SPE Fast Track enables you to start implementing SPE immediately and accelerate the growth of your business with minimal delay. Learn more about Managed SPE Fast Track.

    Can I still use my own marketing team / agency for creative?

    Yes you can use as much or as little of our total service as you wish.  We have found most organizations with existing marketing departments or agency relationships still use our creative team for pre-approach and lead-generation activities as this is an area of particular expertise. You can a sample of campaigns generated by the Ballistix creative team on our portfolio page.

    What’s not covered in the fee?

    The only thing not covered in our flat monthly fee are those typical out-of-pocket expenses incurred in every day sales and marketing activities. These include things like out-of-pocket creative costs (photography, printing and similar), recruiting expenses (listings on job boards), costs relating to outsourced labor, and consultants’ onsite travel and accommodation.

    Is there a limit on your services?

    The Managed SPE fee is calculated based upon the number of units of SPE Consultant capacity allocated to a given Ballistix client.

    Each SPE Consultant’s capacity is divided into 5 units – each of which can be allocated to a client.  These units are not divisible (and not redeemable).  In most cases, only 4 units of an SPE Consultant’s capacity are allocated (meaning that SPE Consultants typically have 4 active engagements).

    The fee is inclusive of ancillary services such as technology, creative, strategy, etc and includes things like CRM hosting (V-tiger), website hosting, webinar management, Management Information System, Case registers and other ancillary sales-related reporting and technology.

    A Ballistix client can (and should) ensure that it makes full use of these ancillary services. This will maximize the value delivered by Managed SPE and help to justify an enduring engagement.

    How can your service possibly save us money?

    If yours is a mid-sized (or larger) business, it’s likely that the net cost of Managed SPE (from month one onwards) will be minimal!

    There are two basic reasons why:

    1. Even though we’ll be building you a (much) more productive sales function, it’s possible that your sales-related expenses will go down as we often find the newly re-engineered sales  environment requires fewer field salespeople, fewer regional offices and a leaner management structure.
    2. Because of the comprehensive range of services we provide, it’s very likely that our Managed SPE service will displace a number of existing providers such as CRM vendors, design agencies, recruiters and marketing consultants.

    Who else have you worked with?

    We have worked with organizations of all sizes (from the very small to top 100 companies) across all type of industries.  Some of the characteristics of typical organizations we work with include:

    1. A complex, consultative or high-ticket sales environment (made-to-order manufacturing, project sales, B2B sales etc).
    2. A sales team (or the need to sell)
    3. A customer service team (or need for one)
    4. A delivery team

    Visit our results page for a representative sample of clients we have worked with.