You’ve read the book

Now run a 2-day workshop with the author & thought-leader in Sales Process Engineering

We’ve run Solution Design Workshops for companies all over the world:

If you’ve read even just the first few chapters of The Machine, then you know the book paints a seductive picture of a reengineered sales process.

  • Fewer field salespeople (who each do four appointments a day, five days a week)
  • A team-based approach to sales — which impacts massively on customer-service quality
  • Management by numbers — instead of by intuition

In short a sales process that delivers more sales, more visibility and less total cost!

The challenge is that the end-state that Justin describes is a long way from the current-state, for most organizations. So far away, in fact, that many executives doubt it's even possible to make the transition.

The Ballistix Solution Design Workshop

A Ballistix Solution Design Workshop (SDW) is an intensive, two-day workshop facilitated by Justin Roff-Marsh — the world’s thought-leader in Sales Process Engineering (SPE).

In two days, Justin will work with you and your management team to build a plan to reengineer your sales process, multiply your revenues, and accelerate the growth of your business based on the principles of Sales Process Engineering.

No distractions, no excuses.
Just two challenging days locked away in a
boardroom with the author of The Machine.

In just two short days Justin will accomplish what most consultants fail to deliver in months. Together with your management team, Justin will produce a plan to reengineer your sales process that is comprehensive, practical and downright ingenious.

This Solution Design Workshop is like no other. Justin is no junior consultant or ex-corporate business analyst big on theory but small on practical application. He’s been working hands-on in organizations successfully applying SPE for more than 20 years. He’ll bring this considerable experience to your organization to develop a comprehensive and practical blue print for sales-growth that covers everything from promotion and opportunity management to resourcing, key performance indicators and technology.

He’ll then package these findings into a comprehensive document detailed enough to implement —with or without Ballistix’s involvement.