Nilay Khatri


He holds a BE degree in information Science from VTU India. During his study, Nijay participated in various competitions which saw him win IBM TGMC and IBM Superstar Developer 2011 awards. Nijay also holds OCA MySQL 5.0 Certification and completing his OCP certification.

Nijay has been integrating and developing extension solutions for Vtiger since the start of his career. He has been part of Vtiger core development team for about 2 years and has contributed to various Vtiger enhancements and bug fixes.

Prior to Ballistix he worked for Mindfire Solutions as a senior software developer and has worked on various open source applications such as Magento, WordPress and SugarCRM. Outside of work, Niljay holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate and a Bronze medal in World Shotokan Karate championship.

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