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Marketing Results

When Will Swayne, CEO of Marketing Results first met with Ballistix he was about to embark on a marketing campaign. I t soon turned

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Megara was dealing in a challenging and mature manufacturing environment. Attempts to grow revenue by building-out the sales team (11 salespeople and an experienced

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Metromix is based in the state of NSW in Australia and operates three quarries which supplies the local construction materials market. We normally sell

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I recommended Justin and Ballistix to my senior management and BOD to undertake the ‘re-engineering’ of our sales process. We are in a mature

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Orion had no formal sales process and salespeople performing only a couple of BDM appointments per week. Ballistix built a sales support team comprising

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Just a short note to let you know that our recent project to restructure the sales team has exceeded all our expectations. We began

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Programmed Property Services

Programmed Property Services is the largest provider of Trade services in Australia in New Zealand; we have over 5000 long term maintenance contracts in

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Ronstan Australia

Ronstan is an Australian manufacturer of sailing equipment and stainless steel architectural fittings. We engaged Justin of Ballistix to conduct a Solution Design Workshop

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Shippers Supply Company

Shippers was operating in a commoditised market where price competition prevails. There was no control of autonomous salespeople creating a situation where they relied

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Southern cross truck rentals

Southern Cross Truck Rental provides short- and long-term rental of trucks and trailers and has been servicing the rental needs of transport companies and

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Superior Glove

Superior Glove is Canada’s largest work glove manufacturer. The company sells specialized work gloves across North America and Europe to companies such as Toyota

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Before working with Ballistix, TEBA had a small number of salespeople performing, collectively, very few sales calls. TEBA implemented the Ballistix approach to sales

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Our Clients

  • 9-Wood
  • Adaptra
  • Adline Group
  • Adrenalin Strategics
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Advanced Solutions International
  • Advantage Line
  • Agati Furniture
  • AgriPlus
  • Airtag
  • Albert Smith Group
  • Alternative Energy Supplies
  • American Auctions
  • AMF Bowling
  • AMS Controls
  • Apps on Tap
  • ARA Consultants
  • ARCA
  • Archistar
  • Armstrong Flow Control
  • Ashby Allan Institute
  • ATS Arrow Training Services
  • Aussie Bodies
  • Australian Scholarship Group
  • Automatic Heating
  • Bas-Sol
  • Blast One
  • Blue Mountain
  • Bernard BPO
  • Betco
  • Camerons Group
  • Capricornia Credit Union
  • Carbis
  • Cargowise edi
  • CASF Australia
  • Catmax International
  • Central Signs Pty Ltd
  • CGR Products
  • City Green
  • Classic Queenslanders
  • Criterion Industries
  • Cromwell
  • Daycon
  • Davcor
  • Deakin KM / Jopa
  • Diezel Interactive Technology
  • Diversionary Therapy Techniques
  • Dorset
  • DPA Document Printing Australia
  • Eastmon Photo Laboratories
  • eLearning Solutions
  • Emmerson Packaging
  • Engagis
  • Entegro
  • EPR International
  • ER Strategies
  • Evan Evans
  • Evans & Peck
  • Express Promotions
  • Exus Software
  • Fast Rite
  • Forge Products
  • Flash Photobition Australia Pty Ltd
  • Franchise Developments
  • Freeman Fox
  • Fusion Sports
  • GE Energy
  • George Fischer IPS Pty Ltd
  • Goldratt Consulting UK
  • Graph Tech Guitars
  • Grant White & Associates Solicitors
  • GSC
  • Heber Davis
  • Height Dynamics
  • Herd
  • Herrmann International
  • Hi-Heat Industries
  • Hotsy Pacific
  • HydraPower Solutions
  • Integro Learning Company
  • Imagetek
  • Invacare
  • Jet Interactive
  • Jet Hot
  • John Brooks
  • John Crane Australia
  • Kelsan
  • Kerfab
  • Kitagawa-North Tech
  • Kronos Australia
  • Label Power
  • Lading Corporation
  • Lamar Advertising
  • LBA Consulting
  • Les Mills International
  • Levitt Safety
  • Mecco
  • Megara
  • MetroMix
  • MEP Instruments
  • Midwesco
  • Mott Corp
  • MSC Solutions
  • National Oak
  • Neogrid
  • Op’s Optical Products Pty Ltd
  • Orion Energy Systems
  • Outotec Technology
  • P L Dixon Pty Ltd
  • Phonenomena
  • Primary Schoolwear Pty Ltd
  • Pro Plaster Products
  • Property Investment Research
  • Queens Park Health Club
  • QJS
  • Raptis Group Limited
  • RCI Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Realization
  • Regal Homes
  • Ricoh
  • RME
  • Robovent
  • Robroy Industries
  • RYCO
  • Ryan Herco
  • Ryan Windows and Doors
  • Russell Mineral Equipment
  • Sayfa
  • Sebel Furniture
  • Shane Ellis Lawyer
  • Shippers Supply
  • Shop-A-Docket
  • Sick Pty Ltd
  • Silver Chef
  • Simbient
  • Solid Works
  • Southern Cross Truck Rentals
  • Starhome Textiles
  • Statewide Assets
  • Staples
  • Stas
  • Supawood
  • Swagelok
  • Teba
  • Tegna
  • Tower
  • The TVS Partnership
  • Thermogroup UK
  • Thornthwaite Technologies
  • TP Turner
  • Triumph Furniture
  • Ultraceuticals
  • Ultra Tool
  • Unique World
  • United Network Corporation P/L
  • Walter Carter Pty Ltd
  • Willbanks & Associates
  • Whitehat Virtual
  • Wisetech Global