Shippers Supply Company

Shippers was operating in a commoditised market where price competition prevails. There was no control of autonomous salespeople creating a situation where they relied on sales “superstars”.

Ballistix helped Shippers to promote “Easy Supply Program” (a new product offering to differentiate the Shippers product in market) and a sales support team to allow salespeople to concentrate solely on BDM appointments.

Shippers increased to 15-20 business development call each week and have subsequently expanded sales force to cope with increased BDM activity. Sales have increased every month since the engagement began.

Shippers Supply is a fifty-six-year-old packaging equipment and supply distributor based in Louisville, KY. We service the states of Kentucky, West Virginia and portions of Indiana and Ohio. We have traditionally sold B2B using commissioned sales representatives responsible for a geographic territory.

In the spring of 2008, the company found itself at an important crossroads. It had just developed and launched an exciting new vendor-management supply program called the Easy Supply Program (ESP).

The clients who had embraced our new ESP loved it. The problem was the uptake of new clients was far too slow.


We knew of Ballistix for several years prior to hiring them. We had attended several of Justin’s presentations and spoken with him personally. We believed that the Ballistix tools would offer us the solution we needed to sell our Easy Supply Program more effectively.

Unfortunately, we also believed that we could implement the Ballistix methodology on our own. As you might expect, not only did we not succeed, we almost convinced everyone we touched that the Ballistix methodology was flawed!

With our faith in the core Ballistix methodology still intact, we decided to reach out to the experts and engage Ballistix in a four-month implementation project.

The strategy implemented by Justin and team was reasonably simple.

We agreed to focus one member of the sales team exclusively on business development calls for our Easy Supply Program and support him with a Sales Coordinator and accompanying management reporting tools.

Katrina Rowe, a Ballistix Reengineering Consultant, was assigned to guide us through the changes. Katrina detailed clearly the implementation changes we needed to make and, just as importantly, the reasons for these changes.

Initially, the biggest hurdle was implementing the technical aspects of the process. The measurement and tracking tools seemed reasonably complex, but with the assistance and guidance of Ballistix, the implementation went more smoothly than even they expected.


Our sales environment as it exists today is vastly different than before the arrival of Ballistix.

Within two months of the project completion, our BDM assigned to ESP opportunities was operating at full capacity: four appointments a day, five days a week.

The consistency of this activity has meant that ESP sales are 400% greater than the target we set for Ballistix — and more than 600% greater than the sales level we were achieving prior to the reengineering project.

The impact on salespeople has been dramatic. Our salespeople have more opportunities than ever. They no longer have to try to find opportunities, instead they can just focus on what they do best — sell!

Thanks to our new sales process, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of clients coming on board with ESP, and we are confident that we have the infrastructure in place to sustain this growth.

Just as importantly, we can consistently generate the right amount of opportunities with relative ease. We are even considering adding an additional Business Development Manager and Sales Coordinator.

The future is exciting and we have no hesitation in recommending Ballistix to other companies wanting a boost to their sales infrastructure.


Shippers Supply Company