Programmed Property Services

Programmed Property Services is the largest provider of Trade services in Australia in New Zealand; we have over 5000 long term maintenance contracts in Australia. One of our core services is long term painting services. This is a part of our business that has seen very minimal growth in the last 5 years.

We engaged Ballistix to see how their system could reverse this trend.

The Ballistix process was very different to any system we have used before. Initially we were concerned that making such a drastic change to the way we currently do business could be quite disastrous. We decided to roll out the process only in 2 states and in our metropolitan offices only. This was done intentionally, to minimize the impact if the system was not successful.

The key changes we made were employing 2 sales coordinators, who effectively took control of our 4 sales peoples diaries. We also engaged a part time market research person who is assisted by our marketing manager, to develop and maintain campaigns. The sales co-coordinators were trained well in the Ballistix system and have proven to be the key factor in making this system work. We also took away the mundane day to day sales reporting functions and non sales related tasks away from our sales team.

The system was executed reasonably smoothly, some initial IT problems were soon resolved and the system was in place quite promptly. After some initial hesitance from our existing sales team, of which some members have been with the business over 15years, the system was adapted by them and now is a routine.

The system has been operating in our business for over 3 months now and although it is very early to give a true indication, so far the results have been outstanding. Our sales team has seen more NEW customers in a 3 month period that we would normally not see over a 6 month period. Our general sales inquiry is up about 40% in this new customer market. Our current win results have not yet been significantly increased, however our sales cycle is normally 6-8 months, we expect to have some of this enquiry converted within the next 3 months.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Ballistix system to any organisation that is looking to increase the sales activity of their sale force and to better manage the capacity of their sales staff.

Yours sincerely,


Programmed Property Services