Metromix is based in the state of NSW in Australia and operates three quarries which supplies the local construction materials market. We normally sell approximately 1 million tones per annum. As a revenue improvement project we identified the benefits of being able to sell an extra 10% and what that would do our profit.

We at Metromix agreed to use the Ballistix sales process to try and achieve that goal.

What Ballistix did for us, was to run a workshop flowcharting the ‘current sales process’ and then with the input of the sales team flowchart ‘the proposed sales process’. Once the proposed sales process was agreed upon, the process of resourcing the project with additional staff and software commenced. In our case, we needed to recruit a sales coordinator and a field sales person.

The project was launched and the people were trained in the process required.

Would you believe since the launch of the project, the demand for our products has been well
above average and has put enormous pressure on our production staff. With that in mind our focus has been on selling our low volume/high margin products during this period. Although it’s too early to evaluate the sales process we are well and truly committed to it.

We enjoyed working with Ballistix and I believe the main reason our companies work well
together was simply the team was committed to the process. My only advice is that should you wish to use the Ballistix Sales Process, be committed to the project or don’t bother.

We are very much looking forward to 2008.

Yours faithfully,


Quarries Manager
Metromix Pty Ltd