Marketing Results

When Will Swayne, CEO of Marketing Results first met with Ballistix he was about to embark on a marketing campaign. I t soon turned out that the business’ real constraint lay in production capacity. He didn’t need to sell more: He needed to make more!

Since engaging Ballisitix Marketing Results has boosted productivity by 50 per cent, and the enhancement has been achieved in just 20 per cent of the time it typically takes.

Will explains: “We have applied TOC in many ways to a reasonably sophisticated level in our sales process. Incoming calls are now taken by a sales coordinator who has an initial chat with the prospect, sends out the company’s literature and books them in for a half-hour consultation with me. The coordinator later sends out any relevant information and follows up.”

“By taking more calls each day they can really drive lead generation, so we are maximizing a scarce resource and that relieves me of many processes. Instead of taking five hours to get a sale it takes just one hour.”

Will believes adopted properly the increase in throughput is massive.

“As a business owner you have to have the discipline to focus on the right things — your strengths. Today sales and production are the constraints, so the focus is on hiring and training for more growth.”



CEO | Marketing Results