Hi-Heat Industries, Inc. is a small custom manufacturer of heating elements; we sell primarily to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We contracted with Ballistix to reengineer our sales process. A major result of the reengineering was separating the design from the sales position. Since the inception of Hi-Heat 27 years ago, sales and design were inextricably intertwined. We also created the sales coordinator’s responsibilities, making her responsible for the on-going sales contact program and reports. Ballistix customized the Business Contact Manager program and reports.

Our experience with Ballistix was absolutely great. Justin Roff-Marsh exhibited a quality we would see repeatedly in Ballistix, accommodating to our specific situation. We don’t sell through face to face sales calls. Justin adapted the sales process to fit our model. Instead of trying to convince us to change, he adapted his proposal to us. We saw this flexibility repeatedly in all our contacts with Ballistix.

The very nature of a consulting contract has the possibility of creating resistance and divisiveness, since a natural reaction to change is no. However, we were fortunate; Katrina Rowe came to work with us. She helped us embrace change instead of being resistant to it. She did this by winning our respect; she is very knowledgeable, experienced and intelligent. By being disarmingly humorous and charming; she was able to break through our resistance and help us achieve our goals.

Our results are what we anticipated: sales measurements were created, software was developed to track the measurements, sample pack and instructions were created, advertising campaign’s tracking and new product development tracking were developed.

Again, we enjoyed working with Ballistix and believe that we got a great ROI.