At the start of this interview, Marc Cohen discloses that he has a medical condition — one that results in him having a visceral aversion to consultants!

Nonetheless, Marc is here to tell the story of his first 18 months, implementing SPE. He explains why he did it, the impact on his organization and his experiences working with us here at Ballistix.

It’s an interesting story. We discuss one particular division of Davcor (EKA) and Marc relates how:

  • He reduced his field sales team from 3 salespeople to zero
  • His opportunity pipeline exploded in size
  • Sales increased by 20% — with more good news in store as a number of high-probability opportunities move towards closure
  • His policy of giving rations to the strong has resulted in the rapid growth of a dynamic inside-sales team (where previously, there was none)

Davcor is a $30m distributor of a range of physical security products, from locks and keys, though to commercial access-control systems. Davcor’s EKA division distributes an access-control system that delivers the benefits of traditional systems to mobile assets (shipping containers, trucks, and gates).

In the interview, Marc mentions a brochure that’s contained in the pre-approach package that’s used to initiate approaches to potential clients. You can pay-through that brochure here.