Please find detailed below some specific points about the nature of our business, as well as an outline of the scope of work you conducted on our behalf and the experience we had dealing with you and the team at Ballistix.

CASF’s core business is the distribution of DuPont in Australia. As the distributor of Corian, we add value by eliminating friction between DuPont and the end users of Corian. Essentially we are responsible for generating demand for the product amongst end users, then ensuring we have timely and adequate supply to meet that demand.

Our initial project with Ballistix was to ensure we had a sales process that was scalable once implemented. The re-engineering project sonsisted of

  • Designing the optimal sales process
  • Developing management infrastructure to report and measure sales performance
  • A structured and manageable promotional strategy
  • A structured opportunity management process
  • A structured communications program
  • Recruit and train sales support personnel
  • Project reviews

The results of the project were such that we identified our current constraint was not in fact in our sales process, but in supply (our fabricator network). We have been able to shift our focus to develop a plan to fix this constraint, and begin to move the constraint to our sales process.

Our dealings with the team at Ballistix was very good. We found all staff most helpful andvery responsive to our needs. The focus of all concerned was directed to ensuring we achieved the necessary goals within the timeline outline in the project plan.

Best Regards,


Managing Director