ATS Arrow

ATS Arrow is a Registered Training Organisation. We deliver government-funded training to clients’ employees in a large variety of blue chip companies.

We approached Ballistix for assistance with our sales process. With operations over three mainland states and a highly competitive industry, we wanted a more measured way to manage our sales process.

Ballistix soon helped us to recognise that the solution required was more complex than just adding a new sales coordinator. To remain ahead of the game we needed:

  • A formal approach to sales management;
  • A new product development process that enabled us to systematically design and deliver new, innovative training courses and;
  • a more efficient way of scheduling our trainers’ valuable time.

As typical to all Ballistix projects, we added a centralised sales coordinator to coordinate all sales opportunities within Victoria and South Australia and a management information system to maintain this process.

We also changed our sales process to a more consultative process, where our sales consultants completed a training audit with prospects to identify key training gaps as well as opportunities for government-funded training.

Other changes included:

  • The creation of a whitepaper
  • An excel-based eligibility calculator for the various government-funded training initiatives
  • A report template that automated the creation of client audit outcomes

The development of new courses is important for our organisation. But like most organisations
caught in the daily demands of operations, we hadn’t always given the development of new courses
the attention it deserved.

Ballistix’s solution was to assign a NPD Coordinator whose responsibilities were to:

  • ensure that existing courses were current and compliant;
  • maintain a pipeline of new courses (for new and existing markets) and;
  • provide assistance with tenders.

Thanks to this new process it is no longer possible to neglect new product development in favour of more operational tasks — our NPD Coordinator won’t allow it! This has enabled us to take new training products to the market much faster and with a lot less last minute stress.


The last piece of the puzzle was the formalisation of production scheduling.

For us production is our trainers’ time. The more time they can spend out in the field training, the better the outcome for ATS Arrow.

Trainers’ diaries were put under the stewardship of customer support whose responsibility
was to schedule training according to the greatest contribution on each trainer’s finite capacity.

To aid this goal, a formal scheduling tool was built that allowed the utilisation of each trainer to be tracked, taking into account the type of training and travel time required from appointment to appointment.

The benefits were immediate. Trainer productivity increased without an undue increase in the total number of hours worked.


Although it will take us much more time than expected to really see the benefit of these new systems — particularly in sales— we are seeing positive signs.

We now have a much more measurable and considered way to approach things. We can effective measure what is working, what isn’t, and why!

Throughout, we have been impressed with Ballistix’s unwavering commitment. We found them supportive and genuinely interested in the success of our business.

What caught us by surprise most was the serious and unwavering commitment required by our entire management team to make it all work. Anything less and you risk losing the truly remarkable steps forwards this process can offer you.

Kind regards,


Managing Director
ATS Arrow