Headquartered in Sydney, Adaptra was founded in 1995 to provide project management services to the insurance sector.

Since our inception over a decade ago, Adaptra has expanded across a multitude of industries, helping them to streamline processes, and gain control over discretionary spend by ensuring organisational resources are effectively utilised to achieve desired business outcomes.

Adaptra’s suite of services includes Project services; Project management office (PMO) services; Application and IT services; and Business process management services.

We came across Ballistix via interest in their Sales Process Whitepaper. I was contacted by their Sales Coordinator and agreed to a Best Practice Briefing.

Given that discussion I was prepared to expand the discussion to a couple of other stakeholders which gave me enough ideas and awareness to organize a half day review with senior management. We then engaged Ballistix to run a one-day workshop with a combined sales and consultancy team to develop a feasibility plan. The findings were then presented to the senior management and eventually we agreed to proceed with a three-month engagement to implement new sales processes.

Over the duration of the project Ballistix helped us to:

  • Recruit and train a Sales Coordinator
  • Map out a consultative sales process and the associated management procedures,
  • Map out the pre-requisite activities that needed to be concluded in order to establish an efficient sales process
  • Decide on an adequate CRM, configuration and integrated the Ballistix MIS reporting system
  • Develop several approach letters and seminar invitations
  • Teach us how to interpret the MIS reporting system and how to use the report to run sales meetings


We are still at the very beginning of implementing the new sales process and the new sales promotion techniques are yet to generate the Best Practice Briefing opportunities required to keep our BDM busy.

The approach however has been useful in the following ways:

  • We have established a standard consultative selling process which is understood by the team.
  • All opportunities are being tracked against the standard process and we are starting to gain statistical information which will help plan promotional activities.
  • Advice given has helped us to save money on hiring a second BDM (i.e. you don’t need a second BDM until the first one is busy!)
  • We now have a trained Sales coordinator who is managing the process.
  • We have a CRM with an integrated MIS reporting system that helps track our BDM and process efficiency as well as detail tracking of all opportunities.
  • We have promotional ‘approach letters’ in place for all areas of our business.
  • We have a clear focus on getting our BDM busy with appointments ASAP.


The project outcome based approach to the engagement was a little unusual at first, however we have found the focus on outcomes have meant a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to cover off each item.

All of the Ballistix people have been positive and generous with their time and have been prepared to offer advice and guidance beyond the specified area. We especially appreciated the challenging way the Ballistix people took to some of our old mindset ideas, delivered in the Best Practice Briefings, workshops and account reviews.



General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Adaptra Project Management Services
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