An Introduction to Managed SPE

For a fixed monthly fee (no minimum term) we provide you a consultant and all the inputs necessary to build a shockingly effective sales function, in the fastest time possible. 

I’m Your Managed SPE Consultant

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When you work with Ballistix, you will work with me: A Ballistix SPE Consultant. It is my role to build and supervise the critical infrastructure and processes required for the successful implementation of SPE and related initiatives to your organization.

I’ll take care of all the mechanics and build you a fully-resourced and scalable sales model based on Sales Process Engineering so your organization can get on with what it does best — sales delivery and the pursuit of high value deals.

  • I’m your recruiter

    It’s my responsibility for the recruitment of the people involved in your sales-support function. This includes the selection and appointment of new team members using the key principles of top grading. I’ll write the advertisement. I’ll list it on the various recruiter portals. I’ll review every application and phone screen those that meet the initial screening criteria (including a detailed written summary).

    I’ll then present you with a short-list for face-to-face interviews and co-chair those interviews with you. I’ll even check their references and write the letter of offer.

  • I’m your trainer

    As your designated consultant, I will work with your individual contributors and middle management to get them well versed in how to effectively to work in — and manage people within — the SPE sales environment. This includes things like how to run an effective and meaningful sales meeting. What to look out for when interrogating data in nsyteful. The acceptable MSI variation (Meaningful Sales Interactions) and how to calculate the exact queue size needed for the 100% utilization of the sales team.

  • I’m your coach

    I will take personal responsibility for the up-skilling and ongoing coaching of sales-support team members in sales coordination, inside sales, customer service and promotional coordination. This includes everything from learning how to use the CRM, MIS and Case Register to all of the ins and outs of campaign planning such list compilation, campaign creation and execution.

    I’ll even work with your sales manager (or sales lead) to role play campaign scripts to make sure the sales team are primed and ready to hit the phones (or pavement) when the campaign rolls out.

  • I’m your project manager

    As your SPE Consultant, I will work hands-on in your business as an extension to your management team, overseeing and implementing key sales initiatives and ensuring the integrity of your new-look sales environment (and its integration with other functions) are properly built and maintained. You will be able to see and comment on the status of all initiatives and tasks in real time via our collaborative project management dashboard.

    Plus, each month I will provide the Senior Management team with a detailed report advising the status of current initiatives and the performance of the overall sales function.

And this is my support team


You’ll have unlimited access to Justin Roff-Marsh and our senior strategy team to make sure the engagement stays on track and we build a stunningly efficient sales and marketing function based on Sales Process Engineering.

As required, I can bring in the full Ballistix ‘brains trust’ for everything from a high-level strategic planning workshop to a quick clarification on the best next-step for a current initiative. Plus I can draw on the experiences of the entire consulting team.


I have a team of programmers and tech specialists at my disposal. If you don’t have a CRM, my team will work with you to custom design, install and configure our own enterprise-class CRM. If you do have your own CRM, we’ll configure it according to your particular business needs so you get the most from it. We’ll then integrate your CRM with our suite of reporting tools including our purpose-built sales and customer service reporting dashboard (Nsyteful) and case register. All of this custom software engineering is included in our standard engagement pricing.

Plus, with the help of the tech team, I’ll plug in our suite of tools and services for things like lead management, broadcast email, automated messages, documentation automation and webinar logistics.


Our talented team of copywriters, designers and web programmers have created tens of thousands of successful campaigns for hundreds of different industries.

This team will work with me to create all the necessary campaign and marketing collateral you need. This includes email campaigns, squeeze pages, websites, PPC campaigns, webinar collateral, newsletters, brochures, proposal templates and web videos.


Ballistix has done a lot of recruitment for SPE roles over the years. This makes us pretty good at the job. We’ll help to screen and check every applicant to make sure the best candidates rise to the top.

Pay by the month. No entry fee. No exit fee.

We have deliberately kept our Managed SPE fee agreement simple.
You get all the sales and marketing inputs you need to improve the performance of your sales function for one flat monthly fee.

This fee is fixed. There is no minimum term. There is no exit clause.
You can end the agreement at any time, for any reason. Simply pay us for as long as we keep adding value to your business!

Less than the cost of a mid-level manager

Best of all, you get an experienced MSPE consultant—and the entire pool of sales and marketing experts—for less than the monthly salary cost of one mid-level manager with zero lock-in if you choose to stop using our service.

Net zero cost to your business

What’s more, if yours is a mid-sized (or larger) business, it’s likely that the net cost of Managed SPE (from one month onwards) will be minimal — and in some cases less than what you are paying now.

Here are two basic reasons why:

  1. Your sales-related expenses will go down.

    Even though we will be building a much more productive sales function, it’s possible that your sales-related expenses will go down as we often find the newly re-engineered sales environment requires fewer field salespeople, fewer regional offices and a leaner management structure.

  2. Your service provider expenses will go down.

    Because of the comprehensive range of services we provide, it’s very likely that our Managed SPE will displace a number of existing (and disjointed) providers. Services like CRM support costs, graphic and web designers, web and application hosting and recruiters.

Get going faster with Managed SPE Fast Track

Our Managed SPE Fast Track solution is designed to fast-track your transition to a new, more productive sales function.

The demand for Justin’s time to run a Solution Design Workshop is high and his capacity limited. This means it can be months between booking the workshop and the outcomes document.

Managed SPE Fast Track enables you to start implementing SPE immediately and accelerate the growth of your business with minimal delay.

Here’s how it works

You commit to Managed SPE prior to the Solution Design Workshop.

The implementation of SPE begins almost immediately.

You get to save a bunch of money and time.

The only downside is that you kick off with a web conference with Justin, followed by a one-day workshop (rather than the two-day workshop). Complete the form below for more details.

Why MSPE is likely to be a self-funding proposition for your organization

The following table details the general areas in which costs are likely to be impacted (added or eliminated) by our Managed SPE. Do the sums to see how the Ballistix Managed SPE stacks up for your organisation!

How to read this table
 =a cost saving to your business
 =an additional expense to your business

The greater number of arrows equals the greater cost saving or expense to your business

Much smaller team of field representatives     Typically, SPE means you can reduce the size of your field sales team by at least 1 or 2 people.
Each field salesperson has a dedicated exec assistant   A good executive assistant can easily handle 100 plus concurrent opportunities and help sales people achieve a ten-fold increase in new business development activity.
Move salespeople inside   A dedicated inside sales team costs much less to run and is better equipped to handle those in and outbound transactions that can–and should– be handled over the phone, web and email.
Eliminate advertising / design / PR firm    We will provide all the necessary creative services to generate sales opportunities from print and traditional DM to web and multimedia.
Eliminate sales-related technology costs   CRM, management information system and lead and event management.
Eliminate social media and inbound marketing services   Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media initiatives of all types.
Eliminate Sales and Customer Service related recruiting expenses   Our senior strategist will partner with you to drive the initial design and ongoing evolution of your entire sales function.
Add Ballistix Managed SPE    Our fee is typically less than the cost of one mid-level manager’s salary-and you get an entire team of experts at your disposal.


Organizations who do the math often find the combination of savings and increased sales activity more than justifies the cost of having Ballistix as a permanent part of their team both at a strategic and operational level.