What’s Sales Process Engineering (SPE)?

SPE involves the application of process-engineering principles (with much influence from TOC) to the sales environment. A typical sales environment today, resembles production as it was 100 years ago! It is possible to multiply the performance of this sales environment by applying modern production principles — most notably, division of labor and centralized scheduling.

Typically, SPE results in the following:

  1. A significant reduction in the size of the sales team
  2. The conversion of most existing (technical) salespeople into project leaders(responsible for managing the interface between sales and fulfillment)
  3. A ten-times increase in the number of business-development appointments performed by the remaining salespeople
  4. An improvement in customer service
  5. A reduction in sales cycle-time
  6. Minimal capital expenditure
  7. Minimal increase in operating expenses

To learn more about SPE, please take a look at the following:

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  3. Whitepaper: How to build a high-throughput sales process