What format does the Solution Design Workshop follow?

Although the format of the workshop is flexible (and it needs to be!), we work through the following basic process:

  1. Develop an understanding of your current reality. Including what’s working — and what’s not — with respect to your sales process and other associated processes
  2. Build a conceptual model of the desired future reality
  3. Define the practical attributes of this future reality (resourcing, process design, technology, measurements, promotional activities, etc)
  4. Design the process required to transition your organisation from its current to its future reality (a high-level project outline)
  5. Produce an outcomes document (containing a summary of the conclusions we reached, along with all diagrams)
  6. Present findings to your management team in a formal workshop


In the deliberations above, we consider the following:

  1. Organisational strategy (competitive advantage and all that)
  2. Opportunity origination (how you generate sales opportunities)
  3. Opportunity-management (how you convert opportunities into sales)
  4. Customer service (processing transactions, generating quotes, handling customer issues and so on)
  5. The integration of the processes above with operations
  6. Human resource requirements (salespeople and support personnel)
  7. Process management and metrics (how do you synchronise activities within — and between — processes?)
  8. Technology (CRM, management information, digital marketing, etc)
  9. Communication requirements (information packages, websites, email, webinars, etc)
  10. Change-management issues