Is there a limit on your services?

The Managed SPE fee is calculated based upon the number of units of SPE Consultant capacity allocated to a given Ballistix client.

Each SPE Consultant’s capacity is divided into 5 units – each of which can be allocated to a client.  These units are not divisible (and not redeemable).  In most cases, only 4 units of an SPE Consultant’s capacity are allocated (meaning that SPE Consultants typically have 4 active engagements).

The fee is inclusive of ancillary services such as technology, creative, strategy, etc and includes things like CRM hosting (V-tiger), website hosting, webinar management, Management Information System, Case registers and other ancillary sales-related reporting and technology.

A Ballistix client can (and should) ensure that it makes full use of these ancillary services. This will maximize the value delivered by Managed SPE and help to justify an enduring engagement.