How much does the Solution Design Workshop cost?

Your investment in the Solution Design Workshop is $14,630 (excluding Justin’s travel and living expenses). This investment covers the two-day workshop, a comprehensive outcomes document and a formal presentation-of-findings meeting.

Our terms require payment in full, at time of booking.

If  you are prepared to commit to our Managed SPE Fast Track option prior to the Solution Design Workshop we will roll your Solution Design Workshop into month one of the MSPE engagement fee (meaning the workshop is free).

Furthermore, we will give you the ability to opt-out (with no penalty) at the end of month one, if you decide, post workshop, that you’d like to go-it-alone.

For many organizations this is an appealing option because it benefits  the company either way.

If you proceed with Managed SPE, you save $14,630 (and a bunch of time); and, if you don’t, you get the Solution Design Workshop as part of the first month’s fee for Managed SPE.