How do you drive organizational growth?

We drive growth by ensuring that our clients’ salespeople have significantly more selling conversations than their competitors’ salespeople do. In practice, this means restructuring organizations so that any activity that isn’t a selling conversation is removed from salespeople and allocated elsewhere.

We also tend to move most selling conversations inside—where salespeople are significantly more productive. Turns out that customers want to communicate online and by phone to the maximum possible extent. Even where major deals are concerned, video conferences are almost always a better alternative than face-to-face visits. (Of course, a critical few activities do still need to occur in the field: and that’s fine.)

Our approach works.

We have example after example of (mostly industrial) organizations that have transitioned from no growth to >20% year-on-year growth rates. And we have several well-documented examples of organizations that have doubled revenues within a two-to-three-year period.