What sales tech comes with Managed SPE?

Our Managed SPE service gives you immediate and ongoing access to our Sales Technology Stack. This stack is a suite of three intelligently designed applications designed to maximize the effectiveness of Sales Process Engineering within your organization. You will get access to marketing automation to better manage your online promotional activities. Our V-Tiger CRM to manage sales and customer service and our Nsyteful Dashboard to provide team members with real-time, visual feedback on the value they are generating. We are happy to work with your own applications if you already have them.

What is Managed SPE Fast Track?

Managed SPE Fast Track is designed to fast-track your transition to a new, more productive sales function.
The demand for Justin’s time to run a Solution Design Workshop is high and his capacity limited. This means it can be months between booking the workshop and the outcomes document. Managed SPE Fast Track enables you to start implementing SPE immediately and accelerate the growth of your business with minimal delay. Learn more about Managed SPE Fast Track.

How much does the Solution Design Workshop cost?

Your investment in the Solution Design Workshop is $13,500 (excluding Justin’s travel and living expenses). This investment covers the two-day workshop, a comprehensive outcomes document and a formal presentation-of-findings meeting.

Our terms require payment in full, at time of booking.

If  you are prepared to commit to our Managed SPE Fast Track option prior to the Solution Design Workshop we will roll your Solution Design Workshop into month one of the MSPE engagement fee (meaning the workshop is free).

Furthermore, we will give you the ability to opt-out (with no penalty) at the end of month one, if you decide, post workshop, that you’d like to go-it-alone.

For many organizations this is an appealing option because it benefits  the company either way.

If you proceed with Managed SPE, you save $13,500 (and a bunch of time); and, if you don’t, you get the Solution Design Workshop for $8,400 (which is our standard monthly fee for Managed SPE), saving $5,100.

What format does the Solution Design Workshop follow?

Although the format of the workshop is flexible (and it needs to be!), we work through the following basic process:

  1. Develop an understanding of your current reality. Including what’s working — and what’s not — with respect to your sales process and other associated processes
  2. Build a conceptual model of the desired future reality
  3. Define the practical attributes of this future reality (resourcing, process design, technology, measurements, promotional activities, etc)
  4. Design the process required to transition your organisation from its current to its future reality (a high-level project outline)
  5. Produce an outcomes document (containing a summary of the conclusions we reached, along with all diagrams)
  6. Present findings to your management team in a formal workshop


In the deliberations above, we consider the following:

  1. Organisational strategy (competitive advantage and all that)
  2. Opportunity origination (how you generate sales opportunities)
  3. Opportunity-management (how you convert opportunities into sales)
  4. Customer service (processing transactions, generating quotes, handling customer issues and so on)
  5. The integration of the processes above with operations
  6. Human resource requirements (salespeople and support personnel)
  7. Process management and metrics (how do you synchronise activities within — and between — processes?)
  8. Technology (CRM, management information, digital marketing, etc)
  9. Communication requirements (information packages, websites, email, webinars, etc)
  10. Change-management issues

Who will facilitate the Solution Design Workshop?

The Solution Design Workshop will be facilitated by Justin Roff-Marsh. Justin is the founder and President of Ballistix.

He is responsible for the development of Sales Process Engineering (Ballistix’s approach to design and management of the sales process. He is also an expert in the Theory of Constraints (a qualified Jonah). He’s the author of Reengineering the Sales Process and The Machine.

Justin presents SPE to thousands of executives at conferences each year and spends most of his remaining time consulting on its implementation.

Justin has lead consulting engagements in North America, Australasia, South America and Europe, with organisations ranging in size from GE Energy, Lamar, Arca and Midwesco, through countless small to medium enterprises.

Who should attend the Solution Design Workshop?

The Solution Design Workshop will be facilitated by Justin Roff-Marsh.  He will be accompanied by our Engagement Lead and a Ballistix MSPE Consultant.

Where the team participating in the workshop is concerned, we recommend:

  1. The team be no larger than 10 people
  2. It contains all of your C-level executives
  3. It includes the directors of sales, marketing and customer service
  4. If the firm has advisors with an interest in sales and operations, they should be present


Does the Solution Design Workshop offer stand-alone value?

While we prepare the Solution Design Workshop in the expectation that you will engage with us, there is no commitment required on your behalf do so. Furthermore, we are careful to prepare this Solution Design Workshop so that it has true stand-alone value.

While we would not encourage you to implement the findings of this Solution Design Workshop without the benefit of our experience, this is nonetheless technically possible.

Can I still use my own marketing team / agency for creative?

Yes you can use as much or as little of our total service as you wish.  We have found most organizations with existing marketing departments or agency relationships still use our creative team for pre-approach and lead-generation activities as this is an area of particular expertise. You can a sample of campaigns generated by the Ballistix creative team on our portfolio page.

What’s not covered in the fee?

The only thing not covered in our flat monthly fee are those typical out-of-pocket expenses incurred in every day sales and marketing activities. These include things like out-of-pocket creative costs (photography, printing and similar), recruiting expenses (listings on job boards), costs relating to outsourced labor, and consultants’ onsite travel and accommodation.

Is there a limit on your services?

The Managed SPE fee is calculated based upon the number of units of SPE Consultant capacity allocated to a given Ballistix client.

Each SPE Consultant’s capacity is divided into 5 units – each of which can be allocated to a client.  These units are not divisible (and not redeemable).  In most cases, only 4 units of an SPE Consultant’s capacity are allocated (meaning that SPE Consultants typically have 4 active engagements).

The fee is inclusive of ancillary services such as technology, creative, strategy, etc and includes things like CRM hosting (V-tiger), website hosting, webinar management, Management Information System, Case registers and other ancillary sales-related reporting and technology.

A Ballistix client can (and should) ensure that it makes full use of these ancillary services. This will maximize the value delivered by Managed SPE and help to justify an enduring engagement.