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Yep, it’s a real physical book, with a cover, a spine, and actual pages!

This isn’t a hastily assembled e-book. It’s an award-winning 244-page paperback read by more than 42,000 executives that puts all the pieces of the ideas outlined in the Double-Digit Growth together.

You can touch and smell the pages. It has 351 independent reviews on Amazon with 64% of readers giving the book 5 stars. People have to buy this book on Amazon for about $15 (or more). We’ll mail it to you for free. That’s why we need your physical address. We promise we won’t call you. All we will do is add you to our email list and educate you with a stream of proven business growth boosting ideas (of course, you can opt out at anytime).

About the book

Don’t read this book if you’re looking for an affirmation of the sales status quo. Roff-Marsh argues that the marketplace has changed dramatically since the evolution of the standard sales model and that radical change is being forced on organizations—like it or not!

Here are just some of the radical changes that Roff-Marsh advocates (and sacred cows he slays) in this comprehensive and impeccably-argued treatise.

Revenue should be the responsibility of Operations, not Sales

Sales should focus exclusively on the pursuit of new business.

Only commercial relationships are truly important

Personal relationships are more likely to be the consequence of good commercial relationships than they are to be the cause of them.

Salespeople should be paid their market value in the form of a salary

Piece-rate pay (commissions) should be eliminated in sales, just like it has been elsewhere.

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