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Here you’ll find everything you need to learn more about Sales Process Engineering and our radical approach to the design and management of the sales process.

Webinars and keynote recordings

Ballistix four appointments a day, five days a week webinar
Death of Field Sales Justin argues that sales should essentially be an inside sales function and prescribes a 12-step action plan to rid yourself of the field sales addiction. Watch Webinar

Ballistix four appointments a day, five days a week webinar
Your Salespeople: four appointments a day; five days a week Justin presents the most typical application of Sales Process Engineering (SPE). SPE is a radical approach to the design and management of field-sales environments. This is particularly appropriate for complex sales or engineer-to-order environments.
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Why CRM Sucks Ballistix webinar
Why CRM Sucks Justin presents a comprehensive and practical approach to the automation of sales and marketing (with real-world examples and specific technology recommendations).
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Ballistix Sales Process Engineering keynote presentation
Keynote Presentation: Introduction to SPE Lunch N Learn Presentation This is a recording of a Ballistix Lunch N Learn recorded in 2011. It offers a comprehensive introduction to Sales Process Engineering.
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Intro to OSO (now Managed SPE) An introduction to Ballistix’s service offering. Explains how Ballistix can work with your organization to turbo-charge the effectiveness of your sales function. Watch Webinar


The Machine: a radical approach to the design of the sales function
The Machine The Machine is Justin’s upcoming book. It identifies the major issues with the traditional approach to sales and proposes a new direction. Read the first three chapters in PDF format.
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The Death of Field Sales Most products (and services) can — and should — be sold by an inside sales team. This chapter extract from The Machine Book clearly explains why the days of large field-based sales teams are numbered — and shows you the financial damage that your (oversize) outside sales team is likely doing to your business.
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Reengineering the sales process
Reengineering the Sales Process This is Justin’s first book. It is a compilation of some plus 20 articles (101 pages) on all things related to Sales Process Engineering.
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Reengineering the sales process
Sales Process Engineering: three typical scenarios These three scenarios show how Sales Process Engineering (SPE) can be applied to organizations of different sizes to — in each case — increase business-development activity and decrease operating expenses. 
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Reengineering the sales process
How to build a high-throughput Sales Process This paper presents a method for engineering the sales function into a measurable, manageable and scalable process — the key characteristic of which is an extraordinarily high volume of business-development activity (salespeople consistently perform at least four appointments a day, five days a week). 
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Online Content

sales process engineering blog
SPE Blog Justin’s Blog Process Engineering blog is read by more than 15,000 executives the world over. It contains some 200 articles on topics ranging from sales management to the practical application of Search Engine Marketing. Visit Blog

SPE Multimedia Presentation This downloadble multimedia presentation offers a step-by-step introduction to Sales Process Engineering and its practical application to business.
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mixergy interview with Justin Roffmarsh
Justin Roff-Marsh Mixergy interview with Andrew Andrew Warner is a successful entrepreneur and and President of online interview show and training resource, Mixergy. Hear Justin spend an hour chatting with Andrew on how entrepreneurs can successfully implelment SPE into their businesses. 
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Independent Entrepreneur interview with Justin Roffmarsh
The Independent Entrepreneur: Interview with Justin Justin discuss SPE, The Theory of Constraints, how he built his company and why entrepreneurs should start their business with no money and no plan.
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