Welcome to Ballistix

Ballistix is a sales management and marketing consultancy, specializing in the implementation and ongoing support of Sales Process Engineering (SPE). The company operates nationally throughout North America, United Kingdom and Australia.

Sales Process Engineering is a radical new approach to the resourcing and management of the sales process. This approach enables organizations to a build high-throughput sales process, where salespeople focus exclusively on the conduct of appointments and delegate all non-critical tasks to the sales support function.

Ballistix builds the infrastructure and processes required for the successful implementation of Sales Process Engineering. This infrastructure consists of people, formal procedures, processes, technology and marketing collateral.

The most obvious characteristic of one of our sales processes is the productivity of the salespeople. Because salespeople are freed of responsibility for prospecting, diary management, reporting, project management and other low-leverage tasks, they are free to dedicate all of their available time to the conducting of (selling) appointments.

Ballistix Managed SPE

Ballistix delivers its services through an ongoing service. This service — Managed SPE — consists of the delivery and integration of the following services on a fixed-monthly fee.

  • Strategy and Change Management: Our Senior Strategist and Consultants work hands-on in our clients’ organizations implementing and supervising our clients’ re-engineered sales environments. This involves designing the optimal sales process, sales and marketing strategy and the training of sales support staff, sales people and sales management.

  • CRM and Business Intelligence: We provide our clients with the technology they require to automate and effective manage their sales processes.

    This includes a sophisticated Management Information System (MIS) that extracts key data from our client’s CRM datastore and presents it in electronic dashboard-style report that enables management to access the critical information required to make real-time decisions relating to the sales process.

    We also provide a CRM application to clients without a CRM or looking to migrate or configure our clients existing CRMs to work seamlessly with the reengineered sales environment.

  • Promotions: We produce all the promotional collateral our clients require to generate sales opportunities. All of our writers and designers have considerable direct marketing expertise. We create online (websites, html email campaigns, landing pages etc) and offline (brochures, advertisements, sales letters, proposals etc) communications.

In practice, this sales-support infrastructure is an alternative to running a larger team of salespeople at lower utilization. And the cost of our service is roughly equivalent to a capable salesperson’s base salary.

Even when additional personnel costs (and out-of-pocket expenses) are taken into account, this service is highly likely to be cost neutral, considering that:

  1. You will significantly increase your salespeople’s activity level
  2. You will eliminate many of the costs currently associated with sales operations, including copywriting, design and web, lead generation campaigns, sales-related recruiting, training and support and technology maintenance and support